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Our pancreases, just like our veterans, deserve to be treated well.

Our pancreases, just like our veterans, deserve to be treated well.

When our veterans are healthy, they fight bravely and protect us from our enemies. However, after wearing battles or wounds exhaust them, it is time for reinforcement to come in. After some rest and healing, our veterans regain their strengths, so they can fight and protect us again.

Our pancreases, or more specifically the pancreatic β cells, are the only tissues that can produce insulin in our bodies.

Healthy pancreas can fight against insulin-resistance and keep our blood sugar levels normal. As a matter of fact, even after insulin-resistance has developed, most people still have normal blood sugar because the pancreas is working harder than before.

Just like our veterans, our pancreases may gradually lose their strengths after long battling with insulin-resistance and being wounded by our bad diets and genetic issues. Our blood sugar will start to increase when our pancreases lost approximately 50% of their original function. This is the stage we call pre-diabetes.

The reinforcement for this stage is usually a healthy lifestyle which gives the pancreas opportunities to rest and recover. However, if a healthy lifestyle is not enough, our blood sugar levels would continue to go up. This is the stage we call diabetes (Type 2) and the reinforcement for this stage would be medications.

Yes, we all wish to have a healthy pancreas, so we don’t need the reinforcement.

Our veterans and pancreases deserve to be respected and treated well. They both can protect us when they are healthy.

Learn how to take care of our pancreases by clicking the photo below:

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