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Why Naturopathy?


Trusted Since 2018,



Instead of Directly Suppressing Blood Sugar,
It Focuses on Protecting Pancreatic β Cells to Make Our Bodies Self-Sufficient in Glucose Management.

Can Blood Sugar Be Better-Than-Controlled ?

Doctors support us in managing insulin resistance, and we maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Why is our blood sugar still challenging to control? 

Is something overlooked?

While medications can assist, the body's natural strength from the pancreas has been neglected and weakened during the fight against insulin resistance. 

Now, we've identified the missing piece. 
Let's incorporate it to improve our blood sugar to a better-than-controlled level.


How Is Pancreas Function so Important?

Healthy Pancreas Can Cancel Out Insulin Resistance 


Are you concerned about insulin resistance? You might have it, even if your blood glucose or HbA1c levels are within the normal range.

Once insulin resistance sets in, our blood sugar stays normal for 5 to 10 years (ref). This happens because our pancreas, specifically the β cells, work harder to counteract the resistance (ref). So, even though everything seems fine for now, Insulin resistance lurks until it strikes, typically when our overworked β cells become too weak.

On the other hand, if our pancreas continues to function effectively, we may never progress to prediabetes despite having insulin resistance (ref).


Pancreas Function Serves as a Brake to Prevent Pre-Diabetes from Progressing to Diabetes 


Are you prediabetic?

If yes, your β cells have lost 50 % of their function and can no longer keep your blood sugar within the normal range (ref1, ,ref2)


At this stage, the remaining β cells can still halt or slow the progression (ref1). However, as the remaining β cells must overwork to compensate for the lost strength, they become too weak to fight against insulin resistance in 1 - 5 years.  Eventually, prediabetes progresses into diabetes (ref).


Since the damage at this early stage is entirely reversible, our pancreas function has a great chance of restoring to a level that is strong enough again to cancel out insulin resistance (ref).

Sorting Medicine

Pancreas Collaborates with Diabetic Medications after Diagnosis and Is the Key to Remission


Have you ever wondered why diabetic drugs gradually lose their effectiveness? 

 The truth is that these medications do not lose their effectiveness. Every pill has passed a strict quality control test before it is delivered to you.

The problem is caused by our decreasing pancreas function (ref).

In Type 2, the pancreas function and the medications collaborate to fight against insulin resistance (ref). If pancreas function decreases, we need more potent drugs to compensate for the lost part of the collaborating force.

On the other hand, if our pancreas function improves, we need fewer drugs to reach the same results (ref).

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How Does ERAD Plus  Enhance Pancreas Function ? 


It Uses All-Natural Herbal Ingredients to Ameliorate the Health Risks to Our Pancreases.

Factors that cause severe damages to pancreas function include Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation (1, 2). All these factors result from bad diets or genetics.

The all-natural ERAD Plus Pre-D contains specific-component-enriched herbal extracts that have been proven to dramatically ameliorate the damages caused by these bad diets and genetic issues. The effectiveness of these enriched herbal extracts has been documented in research articles, in both animal and human models (3456 , 789 and 10).  


With the protection from these herbal extracts, the pancreatic cells can rebuild their strength. As a result, we have better-than-controlled blood sugar levels. 

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Can We Feel an Improving Pancreas Without a Device?

When pancreas health is improving, we feel increased energy levels for the reasons below:
  1. It will be easier for blood sugar to enter our cells, so the cells will have more fuel to produce energy.
  2. Lower blood sugar gives us better circulation.
  3. As the crosstalk between the pancreas and brain improves, our cognition refreshes.
What Our Customers Have to Say

Excited! I took 2 and half bottles and my A1C dropped to 6.1.

Kevin, Amazon Customer

Why stick with "Control" when we can "Improve"?


Since 2018, ERAD Plus has had numerous satisfied customers.

Best of all, ERAD Plus Pre-D now comes with a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee.

We now offer a Risk-free experience:

If you are not fully satisfied for any reason after using ERAD Plus as instructed for 56 days, we will issue you a full refund.

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