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Why Naturopathy?



Helps Turn Blood Sugar into a

Better-Than-Controlled Range.

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Can Blood Sugar Be Better-Than-Controlled ?

Yes, we just need to do a little bit more to enhance our pancreas function.

 While medications may have our blood sugar levels controlled, healthier pancreas function (more specifically, the pancreatic β cell function) gives our bodies extra strength to further improve our blood sugar levels.

Simply speaking, the combined action of medications and a healthier pancreas is always greater than the action of medications alone.

How Is Pancreas Function so Important?

Pancreas Works Better than Injection


Insulin from our pancreas is "made-to-order". The amount produced is always adequate, depending on how much our bodies need. Unlike injection, a healthy pancreas will not make our blood sugar too low or too high.


A Healthy Pancreas Can Cancel Out Insulin Resistance


A healthy pancreas can optimize blood sugar level just by itself. We need medications only after our pancreases become too weak to handle insulin resistance.  As our pancreas function improves, it needs less help to improve our blood sugar and A1c. 

Sorting Medicine

It's Your Own Strength -

it takes a longer time to build but won't disappear on the next day. 


The effects of sugar supressing medications disappear soon after we stop taking them. On the other hand, although it takes weeks, an improved pancreas function can last a long time. It is your own strength.


How Does ERAD Plus  Enhance Pancreas Function ? 


It Uses All-Natural Herbal Ingredients to Ameliorate the Health Risks to Our Pancreases.

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Factors that cause serve damages to pancreas function include Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation (12). All these factors result from bad diets or genetics.

The all-natural ERAD Plus Pre-D contains specific-component-enriched herbal extracts that have been proven to dramatically ameliorate the damages caused by these bad diet and genetic issues. The effectiveness of these enriched herbal extracts has been documented in research articles, in both animal and human models (3456 , 789 and 10).  


With the protection from these herbal extracts, the pancreatic cells can rebuild their strength. As a result, we have better-than-controlled blood sugar levels. 

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Can we feel an improving pancreas without a device?

When pancreas health is improving, we feel increased energy levels for the reasons below:
  1. It will be easier for blood sugar to enter our cells, so the cells will have more fuel to produce energy.
  2. Lower blood sugar gives us better circulation.
  3. As the crosstalk between pancreas and brain improves, our cognition
What Our Customers Have to Say

Excited! I took 2 and half bottles and my A1C dropped to 6.1.

Kevin, Amazon Customer

Why stick with "Control" when we can "Improve"?


Since 2018, ERAD Plus has had numerous satisfied customers.

Best of all, ERAD Plus Pre-D now comes with a 90-day Money-Back guaranty.

We now offer a Risk-free experience:

If you are not fully satisfied for any reason after using ERAD Plus as instructed for 56 days, we will issue you a full refund.

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